Value Proposition

You have a need for a web-based solution. Perhaps you want to add more dynamic content or emailing capability to an existing site. Or you want to make use of personalized content, such as discussion forums or permission-based access to parts of your site. Maybe you have a product database that you want to make available and searchable to your users.

If your company is a small to midsize business or a nonprofit, without a big IT department or budget, then up until now your choices were limited.

You could have your current technical staff try to implement what you need, but often they don't have the time, skills, or knowledge to get the job done right. Or worse, they claim to be able to do it and you end up with anything but a "solution."

Or, you could hire an outside developer or consultant that convinces you that the only way to solve your problem is to write a lot of custom code. Either this costs you a lot of money, or to save on budget you pick someone with a low rate -- but you get what you pay for and the custom code doesn't scale, is buggy and unreliable, or cannot be easily enhanced.

Even if your company is large enough to have an IT department, are you really sure that they're up to the job, or that their recommended solution of buying some $100k commercial application is truly necessary?

With the rise of open source solutions available today, it's more and more possible to assemble a solution from low-cost parts. But how do you know which components are necessary? Do you know how reliable, scalable, and customizable they are? Do you have the expertise to put them all together into the complete solution?

That is my business. I specialize in knowing how to stitch together low-cost solutions from the open source communities. I minimize the amount of custom programming necessary, but when it's required I have the experience to do it right. In my 19 years in software development, I've built high volume, fault tolerant, scalable systems from the ground up. As a technology integrator, I'm researching new component solutions every day. I make it my responsibility to put the right pieces together in the right way to meet your needs.